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how to get rid of bots on instagram story

If you’ve ever taken the time to browse your Instagram story, no doubt you’ve come across annoying, spammy, and even dangerous bots. Bot accounts are easily recognizable by their lack of engagement and interaction, and they’re a surefire way to drive away legitimate users from your page.

When it comes to getting rid of bots on your Instagram story, the good news is that there are several things you can do to ensure that only real people are engaging with your content.

The first step in getting rid of bots on Instagram is to check the comments and stories for suspicious accounts. Look out for any accounts that don’t have a profile picture or have a generic profile name and post generic comments. These are most likely bots and should be removed immediately.

If you find a comment from a bot account, you should report it immediately. Instagram has strict policies against using third-party tools to engage with its users. If they find that a user is violating their terms of service, they will take action.

You can also block and report the bot accounts by going to their profile and selecting the relevant option. This will help prevent them from viewing or commenting on your feed in the future.

Another way to deter bots from your story is to disable commenting on posts. By disabling comments, you’ll prevent unwanted engagement from bots, as they’re not able to post anything. Keep in mind, however, that disabling comments may also limit some of the genuine engagement you may receive.

Finally, if you’re still finding pesky bots in your story, you can look into using an Instagram bot service. A bot service can monitor your story and comment on posts for you. This can help you keep your profile active without having to manually curate content each day. FlamiSta is the #1 Instagram Bot service and can help you manage your Instagram presence quickly and easily.

In summary, by using a combination of the tips discussed, you can easily get rid of bots on your Instagram story. Keeping your feed clean and protected from bots is essential to protect your page’s reputation. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to having a safe and engaging platform.

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