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how to stop instagram bots from following you

If you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and noticing that Instagram bots are starting to follow you, it can be an unwelcome annoyance. Instagram bots are automated accounts that may send you unsolicited DMs or attempt to get you to engage with unwanted adds or influencer marketing campaigns. These bots can waste your time and steal engagement away from your genuine interactions.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to stop Instagram bots from following you. Here are a few simple tactics you can employ to minimize the number of bots popping up in your feed.

First, set your account to private. If your posts are only visible to people you approve, it will be much more difficult for bots to gain access to your content. This also means that anyone who wants to engage with your content will have to be vetted by you first, making it much less likely that bots will slip through the cracks.

Second, manage your followers. You can take control of your account by periodically cleaning out any followers who look suspicious. This means going through your list of followers and looking for any fake or spammy accounts. Once you’ve identified them, you can block or report them as spam.

Third, use a spam filter. A lot of Instagram users opt into using a third-party tool or app to monitor their account for suspicious activity. These tools can help you detect any potential bots and immediately put a stop to their access to your account.

Fourth, adjust your comment settings. Instagram has recently implemented a few features to help protect users and their interactions from spam. This includes the ability to turn off comments completely on your posts, or to automatically hide any comments that contain offensive language or links. While it won’t prevent all spam comments from slipping through, it will help to reduce the amount of junk comments you see.

Lastly, always be vigilant about your security and privacy settings. Always make sure your account is password protected, and avoid sharing your details or sharing links with strangers online. By taking extra precautions, you’ll be able to better secure your profile and keep bots out of your feed.

Instagram bots can be a pain, but with a few simple steps you can easily take control and keep the spammers out of your feed. Keep in mind that the best way to prevent bots from gaining access to your account is to be mindful of your security settings and to keep your followers managed. Visit for #1 Instagram Bot service.

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